A high yield, short term

construction financing investment

the time is short,

the returns are high… as in 15% - 18%

ResClub offers a high yield, short term securitized construction financing investment for accredited investors. This is a real estate investment for a specific construction – for example a collection of residences or hotel within a single resort. The investment is held as Senior Debt and directly secured to the property package in each syndication.

This is a real estate debt investment in which investors have transparent visibility to the SEC filing, with subscription documents visible on the investor’s secure account. An annual report is also available. Dividend payments are distributed the last month of each quarter. The final payment includes the original investment.

Platform One

Short Term Construction Security

  • 15%

    ROI per annum domestic projects

  • 18%

    ROI per annum international projects

  • 1-2 year

    year life of investment

  • $5,000

    minimum investment, no maximum

  • $5,000

    investment increments required

Short Term
Current Offerings

Our current ResClub Short Term Portfolio includes high yield, short term investments to help finance construction and development. Unlike the Club Member Investor offerings the returns are higher as your investment is purely financial and does not include allotted vacation time usage.

Secure Portfolio Visibility via your ResClub Investment portal

All ResClub investments and distributions are managed through our relationship with
Evest Funds.

Even high yield investors love to travel, right?

Our ResClubGo portal provides not only great savings of the main travel websites, but also an immediate cash back reward of up to 5%. This program is offered at a $199 annual membership – an offer that will quickly pay for itself.