Reunion Resort – Orlando, Florida

Min. Invest


Total Raise


Target Hold

12 Months

Annualized Returns


About this project

This fund is for the purchase of four Spectrum Plus Resort units in Reunion Resort, Orlando, Florida. Units will be placed in the ResClubs Membership Program and the Rental Resort Vacation Rental Program for the expansion of the ResClubs Membership Program. Revenue will be generated through short term rentals via a large international property management company as well as various revenue streams tangential to the Membership Program. Investors who hit certain thresholds of contribution will also benefit from a usage component which will allow them to stay in one of the units at no cost of lodging.

Per Visit Florida research, Florida experienced a record number of visitors for nine consecutive years (2011 – 2019). In 2019 Florida saw 131.4 million travelers more than half of which, 75 million, visited Orlando. The Orlando market will continue to be the crown jewel for tourism in the state of Florida due to their theme parks (Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and more), golf courses, and conference facilities. The Vacation Rental and Vacation Club market has significant pent-up demand as the world opens up after the pandemic. 2022 and 2023 in Reunion Resort where these units are located are expected to have near 100% to cover this pent-up vacation demand. The market for a product that provides both, a lifestyle vacation annual stay, and a fixed and guaranteed, prepaid quarterly income stream to members is very large, and untapped.

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